How to Lighten Underarms

How to Lighten Underarms (Fast & Naturally) Overnight

Are you tired of looking at your underarms in the mirror and feeling self-conscious? Maybe it’s time to try another approach on how to lighten underarms naturally. 

We get it. It’s not unusual to want a more youthful appearance, and the skin under your arms is no exception. 

The problem with this skin area is that it doesn’t get as much blood flow because of how little action it sees. So this lack of circulation can cause some severe discoloration over time. 

But don’t worry!

There are tons of natural ways and home remedies you can use to lighten your underarms in just minutes every day or even in one sitting if you have enough time to spare!

How to Lighten Underarms Naturally – 11 Effective Ways

How to Lighten Underarms Naturally - 11 Effective Ways

Now, let’s take a deep dive into some of the home remedies and personalized approach to lighten underarms naturally and the ten most effective ways to do this.

1. Use Kojic acid soap to bring out your underarm’s beauty

  • Nasola Original Kojic Acid Soap
    Nasola Original Kojic Acid Soap

Have you heard of kojic acid soap? It is a soap with kojic acid in it, which will lighten the dark underarms.

Kojic acid soap is a great way to brighten the color of your skin. It contains ingredients like kojic acid and coconut oil that work well on all skin types, especially sensitive ones.

Similarly, many researchers have found kojic acid soap as an effective way of getting rid of dark skin pigmentation from different areas of your body.

One of the best kojic acid soaps available is Nasola Original Kojic Acid Skin Brightening Soap.

This kojic acid soap contains only natural ingredients, including kojic acid, coconut oil, and tea tree oil.

When used twice daily, these natural skin lightening ingredient infusions will make your skin healthier and process lighter underarms or anywhere else on our body you want to apply it to!

2. Apply a light layer of coconut oil before bedtime to moisturize the skin 

Apply a light layer of coconut oil before bedtime to moisturize the skin

Coconut oil is beneficial to naturally lightening the underarms because it moisturizes the skin. Before you go to bed, apply a light layer of coconut oil to your dark underarms.

Similarly, coconut oil has been found beneficial for brightening armpits naturally when applied regularly before bedtime.

You can also take advantage of Nasola Original Kojic Acid Skin Brightening Soap which is infused with coconut oil, kojic acid, and tea tree oil to give yourself the gift of a perfect underarm skin tone.

Coconut oil penetrates the skin better than most other oils and is excellent for hydrating dry areas like elbows and knees.

Additionally, coconut oil is a natural antiseptic that will help keep bacteria at bay and prevent further infection from underarms.

In fact, this oily substance can enhance moisture levels while providing antibacterial properties, which help fight off yeast-related infections.

Also, coconut oil is an excellent choice for people with sensitive underarms due to its ability not to produce any allergic reactions or redness of irritation after use.

3. Stop using deodorant for a few days 

Stop using deodorant for a few days

When you want to lighten your underarms naturally, you must stop using deodorant every day. 

Using deodorant regularly will build up a layer of chemicals that will block your pores and prevent sweat from coming out.

When you stop using deodorant for just one day, it is possible to see an immediate difference and improvement in underarm discoloration.

And this is because the chemical buildup (as a result of using deodorant in the past) begins letting go of its grip on dark skin cells!

4. Apply baking soda to the dark underarms

Apply baking soda to the dark underarms

Another natural approach to lightening the underarm is to apply baking soda to the underarms.

You can do this by mixing baking soda with water to form a paste and then rubbing it onto your skin for about five minutes before washing it off.

Baking powder helps remove dark spots from pores when applied regularly, so this will also help lighten up those pesky black dots in no time at all.

When you apply baking soda regularly, you will find that it helps to whiten the skin tone.

Besides, baking soda also has natural antiseptic and deodorizing properties that can help with any odor problems!

5. Exfoliate your underarm skin with a gentle scrub 

Exfoliate your underarm skin with a gentle scrub

Exfoliating your skin with a gentle scrub is another effective natural way to lighten your underarms and bring out its beauty.

And this is because it helps to slough off dead skin cells on the surface, which will help your new ones grow brighter and cleaner.

You’ll also be treating yourself to an excellent scrub of all those excess dirt and sweat in the underarm folds!

6. Apply an astringent to underarm 

Apply an astringent to underarm

You can also apply an astringent to lighten your underarms naturally.

Using an astringent to lighten the underarms is highly effective because it helps tighten the pores and kills bacteria which can cause odor.

A good astringent for this area is witch hazel or vinegar (white distilled). 

This type of astringent is good for your skin and can help in fading those old underarm stains.

7. Apply lemon juice with salt to the underarms

Apply lemon juice with salt to the underarms

Another way to naturally lighten the underarm is by applying lemon juice and salt to relevant areas.

Start by rubbing the underarms with a few fresh lemons. Then mix with some water to make it into an even light paste-like consistency before adding enough table or sea salts for flavor (and as a natural exfoliator).

You can apply this mixture to your underarms twice daily until you notice visible changes taking place.

Usually, it can take about two months before you start noticing such results happening, so be patient and persistent with this method.

8. Use a natural deodorant 

Use a natural deodorant

Using a natural deodorant is another effective way to lighten underarms.

Natural deodorants help lighten darkened underarm skin as well as prevent body odor.

A lot of people use antiperspirants to eliminate underarm odor. But, natural deodorants are another excellent option.

Not only do they smell fresh and clean, but they’re also better for your body.

9. Drink plenty of water throughout the day 

Drink plenty of water throughout the day

Drinking enough water leads to a healthier lifestyle. 

Even though it may seem like a simple thing, staying hydrated is an essential task that many people skip due to lack of convenience.

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is an effective way to whiten the underarms naturally.

The water will help flush out toxins and extra salt from your body, leading to an improvement in the appearance of dark underarms.

10. Try using an antiperspirant or deodorant with aluminum chloride

Try using an antiperspirant or deodorant with aluminum chloride

Antiperspirant or deodorant with aluminum chloride is a great and natural way to brightening and whitening your underarms.

In theory, you want to avoid a buildup of sweat and perspiration in your armpits so that you don’t end up with body odor or discoloration.

So this is where an ingredient like aluminum chloride can help block the glands from releasing their liquid contents, preventing all those unpleasant side effects!

11. Use toothpaste

Use toothpaste

Toothpaste is one of the most accessible home remedies for dark underarms.

It can help lighten and remove stains caused by sweat, dirt, sun exposure, or other factors such as prolonged use of deodorant or antiperspirants.

Apply a thin coat to your armpits when you shower each day before work!

Using toothpaste to rid darkened armpit is a solution that many have tried before with success because of its ability to remove stains from teeth since ancient times!

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s take a look at some of the frequently asked questions on brightening the underarm safely and naturally.

How can I lighten my armpits fast?

Dealing with dark armpits is a problem anyone can have. It’s embarrassing, and most of the time, you can’t hide it. The best way to lighten up your armpits is by using an at-home product like Nasola Original Kojic Acid Skin Brightening Soap.  This product contains ingredients such as kojic acid, coconut oil, and tea tree oil which all work together to make those underarms lighter in just three days!

How do actresses have whiter underarms?

Some actresses use special products such as Nasola Original Kojic Acid Skin Brightening Soap to whiten their armpits. And this is because having dark underarms can make them look unprofessional in photos. 
Some women also believe that such products make them more attractive. It only takes few days to see the difference!

How long does it take to lighten underarms with lemon?

Many people want to know how long it takes for their underarms to lighten with lemon. While there is no guarantee of a quick fix, you can see improvement after several applications. 
Optionally, you can use Nasola Original Kojic Acid Skin Brightening Soap to quickly and effectively whiten your underarms naturally and safely.
It may take up several days or even weeks before you see results on the skin, but when they do appear, everyone will be looking at them in awe!

How does toothpaste get rid of dark underarms?

The active ingredient in most whitening toothpaste is hydrogen peroxide. It’s also an excellent bleaching agent that you can use to reduce skin discoloration and whiten underarms.
When you apply toothpaste to the underarm, the chemical reaction between toothpaste and sweat helps remove dark skin stains caused by dead skin cells.
Another natural and safe way to eliminate dark underarms is to use kojic acid and coconut oil found in Nasola Original Kojic Acid Skin Brightening Soap.


The benefit of lightening your underarms naturally is that there are several ways to do it.

Using a kojic acid soap such as Nasola Original Kojic Acid Skin Brightening Soap is an effective and fast way to lighten the underarm naturally.

Likewise, you take advantage of the various natural remedies outlined above to brighten your underarms naturally.